5. Environmental puzzles

Buckle up ladies and germs, for one of our environmental responsibles has been feeling creative and she’s going to make it everyone’s problem!

Being trusted with this very ethically loaded position, we often ask ourselves life’s big questions, such as “What is the meaning of life?”, “Do bugs have muscles?” and “Who’s that guy and why am I in his apartment?”. But the most important, deep and philosophic question is:

“Is there life after Wappu?”

We the environmental responsibles personally don’t believe there is, since the scientific consensus clearly states that Wappu doesn’t end “lat. Wabu ei lobu”, but we’ve imagined a post-wapocalyptic fantasy world and we’re going to immerse you in it through games and exercises.

First, try to clean the immediate aftermath by finding seven (7) differences between these two pictures:


Now let’s have a word from our sponsor, or rather the sponsor of your post-Wappu life. To find out what it is, connect the dots in numerical order.


And an easy one for the grand finale: a maze! No particular symbolism, mazes are just cool and the aforementioned environmental responsible wanted to draw some marigolds.


Thank you and sorry,

Athene’s environmental responsibles Maria-Liisa & Antti