22. Zodiac of the Scopa

Aaah Spring… the blooming flowers under the snow, the warmth of the radiator in our houses keeping us cozy from the blazing cold winds. I love Wappu season, what better time to stay home with family and friends and play some new cards game!

Then let’s cut it short, here the last 6 astral games.


You will need to make an important choice soon; weight your options, will you take the risk? LUCKY! It’s not yet the time for it! But you can train for it with Sette e mezzo, will you get the card that will make everything click or will you just overshoot it? Gamble for your fortune in this Italian version of Blackjack and remember as the saying goes “unlucky in the game lucky with love”.


The neighbor snow is whiter than yours, that Leo has everything you want, and you are green Athene with envy. Satisfy all your greedy instincts, in the game where the main objective is stealing the point from the others, RubaMazzetto. Easy to set up, even easier to play, just fulfill your desires and steal the hard-earned cards of your enemies. What better way to heal envy!


Just accept it, between parties, marathons and Sillis, you will never graduate. I would suggest to just get a degree in Burraco, thanks to its flexible but challenging rules it’s playable by any number of players and teams, making it the best game for wasting time in the study room. This game will challenge your teamwork, problem solving and parallel thinking skills. What a great addition to your CV!


No one will stand between you and your goal; cynic gambler unfazed even in the direst of the situations. Gather as many friends as you can and trample them in Cucú one of the classic Christmas Italian games. Don’t be the lowest card of the round or you lose a life (a coin), steal them back by making people talk to you; be the last and you can fulfill your Scrooge McDuck fantasy of swimming in gold. DANGER: Brings the worst out of people!


Life is complex, opportunities come and go, friends can become enemies in the blink of an eye, and in this tumultuous sea of events alluring mermaids may stir you away. But for you seasoned sailors the game of Peppa (black lady) will be a breeze.

Four players, the two players with the lowest score win, the ♠ Spades Lady and all ♥ Hearts will give you points so avoid her! Or NOT, if you are able to conquer her and all her love, you will find love, and the other players will get ton of points! Selfishness or teamwork everything goes in life this game!


It happened… the Margherita pitsa, you usually eat is stuffing as always, but you are not fulfilled anymore, you ache for a different, more complex, taste, but what? A new topping? More cheese? A dash of rucola? Is building on top of a safe base enough or a revolution is needed?

While you are searching for yourself in the toppings of a pizza, enjoy the more complex and unpredictable version of Scopa, Cirulla! Savor the classic game with new tasty and complex rules sprinkled on top that will make you fall in love with Scopa all over again.

We did it, THE END!

What a trip this was, I hope you enjoyed this potpourri of games, and hope you will try to play some of them! Now go on, enjoy this Wappu, have fun, go out this evening and remember to read the horoscope before!