14. VATOS de GATO presents: el AÑO del GATO

Vatos de Gato is a three-person group hailing from Helsinki, Finland. Their music is a unique blend of erotic disco and funky beats, characterized by a nostalgic synthwave sound, groovy bass lines, and sultry vocals that will transport listeners to a world of disco decadence.

Their debut album "El Año Del Gato" (The Year of the Cat), is a bold tour-de-force of infectious melodies and seductive, multilingual lyrical wordplay. The album features breakout hits like "Sweet Sweet Love (on the Dancefloor)" and "Amalfi,". With its vibrant energy and electrifying atmosphere, this album is a must-listen for any disco lover.

Vatos de Gato is a trio that embodies the spirit of disco, and they are sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone. With their flamboyant style, irresistible tunes, and ostentatious live shows, they are without a doubt a group to keep an eye out for.